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Approved by mail for another 3, do I need to turn in my old I797A+I94 at the border?

Discussion in 'TN Status' started by Maryjoe, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Maryjoe

    Maryjoe Registered Users (C)

    I was approved for another 3 years on TN, by mail. Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

    I am thinking of going back to Canada for a visit.

    Do I need to turn in the old I797A+I94 at the border when I am coming back?

    The I797A and I94 was combined and printed on an ONE page document.

  2. nelsona

    nelsona Registered Users (C)

    No. Keep for your records.

    The need to turn in an I-94 at the border is only when you are leaving US for good and have given up that status.

    Take the new I-94 and staple it into your passport, and update your I-9
  3. Maryjoe

    Maryjoe Registered Users (C)

    Thanks !

    Thanks Nelson, just came back from Canada, did exactly what you said. Everything is fine.
  4. kite2020

    kite2020 Registered Users (C)

    TN Renewal

    My TN visa will expire in Aug 2012. I want to try for 3 years this time. I am waiting for my new passport so that I can TN visa request by mail. How much time it took getting TN by mail?
  5. nelsona

    nelsona Registered Users (C)

    You don't need an up-to-date passport to apply for TN by mail. You will get 3-year TN simply by including a copy of your picture page and a copy of your current I-94.

    The issue with passport expiruy and TN is only at the border.

    TNs by mail take 2-3 months,. but you reamin in status while it is pending.

    So, don't associate your pasport renewal with your TN renewal. By mail, they are completely independant from each other.

    But if you plan to go to canada in the next 3 montyhs, just renew passport there, and apply for TN as you come back.
  6. kite2020

    kite2020 Registered Users (C)

    TN and TD extension

    Me and my wife both are canadian citizen and my company ready to file TN visa for 3 years and asked me papers required for

    I told following papers to file TN extension and TD extension.
    I-129 and I-539, offer letter, copy of my passport fist page and copy of my I94.

    Address to send and whether I am missing somthing.

    Do I need to send copy of my certificates and experience letter?
  7. nelsona

    nelsona Registered Users (C)

    For her I-539, You need copy of spouse's I-94, marrige certificate, and her passport,
    For your I-129, you need a copy of whatever docs you used last ime.
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