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applying for I-131 reentry permit.After biometrics what is next?need help asap.thanks

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by maldhitah, May 24, 2010.

  1. maldhitah

    maldhitah New Member

    Hello sir/madam:
    Im applying for I-131 re entry permit because i need to travel outside the United States for my study.Last April 12,2010,the USCIS sent me a notification that they received my application.And on May 2 they mailed me that i have an appointment for biometrics and that is may 17,2010.

    my question sir/madam is after ive done my biometrics(may 17,2010)what is the next process or what is the next step?am i going to wait for another mail again?are they going to mail me to notify me if my application is approved or denied?is it true that they are going to mail me again on 30 days?or can i travel now outside the US once my biometrics is done?

    pls answer my thread sir/mam ASAP.Im so confuse:confused:i dont know what im going to do after my biometrics..i dont know what is next after this.pls help..because i need to travel before july 15.Thank you so much..sir/madam..Have a nice day! God bless you all..

  2. maldhitah

    maldhitah New Member

    :confused:i need your reply please..:(
  3. mmed

    mmed Volunteer Moderator

    Yes you can travel now if you want. The USCIS will mail the approval notice (99.99%) to the address you listed in your application. Make sure that someone can pick the notice and send it to you overseas to use it when you return back whithin 2 years. Your chance to get it before June 15 is still high. If you traveled before the approval in hand and you left place you listed as your address, there is a high possibility that the approval will get lost and you will be in a trouble getting it again.
  4. maldhitah

    maldhitah New Member

    Thank you moderator,..:D to make it sure,i will wait their approval notice before i leave..Have a nice day!
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