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All Ethiopian 2017 DV Winners Meet Here!

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by dagi magna, May 4, 2016.

  1. ZeaDRocKET

    ZeaDRocKET Member

    You Can Be Interviewed in Both Amharic And English.Its your Choice!!But There is always a translator sitted next to the CO!!
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  2. ZeaDRocKET

    ZeaDRocKET Member

    You Can Authenticate the transcript first at your school and then the regional education bureau.you can also authenticate it by MOFA but Its going to be a waste of money(150 Br per paper) .
  3. ethio2017

    ethio2017 New Member

    Congrates mate. Nice to hear

    FIKERWA New Member

    HI ZeaDRocKET Congratulation Again

    You can authenticate the transcript first at your school and then theregional educationbureau. You can also authenticate it by MOFA but it’s going to be a waste of money (150 Br per paper) .So is there no problem to authenticate MOFA from grade 9-12.

    And please say something about your interview experience

    1) I have filled in the form DS 260 about my education from Grade 10-12, Diploma and Degree. Not including Grade 9 b/c of I was Learn in Eretria in 1998 G.C so I have not grade certificate, which means before age of 16. So is there problem?
    2) I put all the institution Except Grade 9; I have attended from Grade 10-12, Diploma and Degree. In Addition to I have mentioned 12 ESCLCE Certificate
  5. ZeaDRocKET

    ZeaDRocKET Member

    Yes There is no problem if you dont authenticate 9-12 transcripts but if you have an extra 150br per paper to spare, then you can authenticate it.

    for question 1 & 2) i dont know if its a problem.it depends on the CO but if you tell him/her about your situation he/she might understand.besides if you have a degree you can use that to qualify as well. it all depends on the CO!!
  6. ZeaDRocKET

    ZeaDRocKET Member

    Thank You!
  7. k×meggaa

    k×meggaa Member

    amazing experience there, brother... couldn't get any smoother!!!
    thanks for sharing it with us!!
  8. mesfin

    mesfin New Member

    thanks for sharing your experience with us
    In regard to police certificate, I think you got it outside Ethiopia. is it in English if not where did you translate it? did the English translation need to authenticate in that locality?
  9. ZeaDRocKET

    ZeaDRocKET Member

    Thank You And You Are Welcome!!I Got two police certificates, One from the federal police in Ethiopia and one from a foreign country!the one from the foreign country was already in English so there was no need to translate it.as for the authentication i was told there was no need to authenticate it because it had the seal of the police commissioner of the country and that any embassy was obligated to accept it as long as its stamped by that seal.
  10. mesfin

    mesfin New Member

    Thank you

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