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After recommended approval ?? then how long for the final approval ?

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by vinisterz, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. vinisterz

    vinisterz Registered Users (C)

    Guys its been a month since my (asylum) recommended approval and I still have not heard from uscis about my (asylum) final approval.

    How long did it take you guys from recommended approval to final approval ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. guacho

    guacho Registered Users (C)

    I got the approval letter six months later, could be less, could be more..that depends on your background check....be patient.
    you also can call the asylum office and ask them about your case.

  3. kate_83

    kate_83 Registered Users (C)

    9 months for me already, and still no final approval :mad:
    sent the request last month, got the same answer: "you were issued recommended approval, you will be sent the final approval upon the security and background check is complete..." so, good luck
  4. vinisterz

    vinisterz Registered Users (C)

    I called the national service number ( cant find the asylum office number) and was just pressing buttons and cant reach anyone !

    I might visit their office. Is it a good idea or a bad idea ?
  5. Miss.PinK

    Miss.PinK Registered Users (C)

    recommend approval?

    I get my result a month after the interview. They sent it through the mail, and it stated "your asylum case granted yadda yadda yadda" so I don't know about recommend approval. What is your case based on? if I am not mistaken it's based on racism in Indonesia, rite?

    btw I kinda confused how uscis works. how come they never send me a recommend approval but give me a straight approval letter. (it's not that I'm being ungrateful. it's just I'm curious why they give recommend approval first to some people 'n it took them forever to get the final approval).
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  6. guacho

    guacho Registered Users (C)

    I was fingerprinted just a few days before ths asylum interview, so I think that's why the asylum officer was unable to approve it right after the interview...so they give you a recommended approval which means they intend to approve your case but they have to wait to make sure your backrgound is OK...
    yes, if you can't contact the asylum officer you should go, that's what I'd do.

  7. Miss.PinK

    Miss.PinK Registered Users (C)


    oh .. hmm I forgot when is my first fingerprints but when I took it , the time is not close to my interview day. prolly my background check is done by then.
  8. wantmygcnow

    wantmygcnow Volunteer Moderator

    I was approved right after my interview. The officer told me once we were done that "come back next week for your approval letter"...Rei, I had similar case like you with news clippings etc with my family's name..
  9. Miss.PinK

    Miss.PinK Registered Users (C)

    I guess u rite ..

    Jimmy, I guess u right. That newspaper really help a lot. That IO was never pay attention to my story until I handed over that newspaper. I bring 2 newspaper that wrote about my house. (Jakarta Post and Kompas) .. one is in english already so I don't have to go to translator. Prolly if I can get the TV copied of the incident, I can get approved faster like u. heheh but for me a month is FAST enuf ..
  10. goodford4me

    goodford4me Registered Users (C)


    I am in the same situation. Actually I got my recommended approval on the end of Feb, 2005. There isn't any update until now. My wife and I went to the office several times. We even redo the fingerpoint to see if it can trigger the process. But nothing happens until now. Please share your experience. Hope we all can pass this phase soon!

    Best regards.
  11. mercy1111

    mercy1111 Member

    Hi folks, can anyone share some timeline from recommended approval to the final approval? And, will you be able to track the asylum status online on USCIS website?

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