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After becoming Citizen changes to Social Security Card

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by wireless1, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. wireless1

    wireless1 Registered Users (C)

    How important it is to go to Social Security office and update your info that you are a US citizen. Any benifits like federal loans or jobs.
  2. sg_orl

    sg_orl Registered Users (C)

    People suggest that you do it. I haven't done it. SSA office does not take forms by mail or online. I went to the local office and the line was so long and I didn't have 2+ hrs to wait.
  3. NewlyMinted

    NewlyMinted Registered Users (C)

    If you have the following statement on your card you should definitely go change it: "Not valid for work without INS authorization." As for loans, it doesn't matter, so long as you have good credits.

  4. LegalAlien99

    LegalAlien99 Registered Users (C)

    I agree with Newly. I will update my status with the SSA whenever I have the time...maybe even before the Xmas holidays ;-).


  5. boatbod

    boatbod Registered Users (C)

    I have no way of verifying this information, but the clerk behind the desk at our local social security office told me we would have problems filing our tax returns if we claimed "citizen" on the 1040 but our SSN remained tagged as "alien".

    The update process is really painless (and free) so I can't think of any excuse not to do it. All you do is go to the local office and present your natz. cert. They do the rest, and (if required) a new card turns up in the mail.
  6. NJGoose

    NJGoose Registered Users (C)

    From newcitizen.us

    Step 5. Report Your Change in Citizenship to the Social Security Administration

    The Social Security Administration requires any person who has a change in his or her immigration or citizenship status to report that change to the Social Security Administration (see Your Social Security Number And Card ).

    Reporting this change is actually to the benefit of you, the new citizen. Why?

    The social security database will be updated showing you as a US citizen. This database is shared with all federal agencies and many state agencies further validating your US citizenship status with the federal and state governments.
    With your social security records updated showing you as a US citizen, it will be much easier in the future to apply for and receive all social security benefits entitled to you.
    If you ever have to replace your social security card, obtaining a new card will be easier now that you are a US citizen.
    Lastly, in some states, certain disability benefits are only available to US citizens. By changing your citizenship status with the Social Security Administration you will ensure you receive all disability, retirement and social security benefits for which you qualify as a US citizen.
    You must report the change by completing Form SS-5 and by visiting your local Social Security Administration office in person. The change can be done by mail, but we do not recommend it. To find the office nearest you, see Office Locator.

    When you visit the Social Security Administration office, you must bring proof of US citizenship such as your Certificate of Naturalization or your US passport and some other form of picture ID such as a driver’s license. You must also bring the completed Form SS-5 or you can just obtain the form there and complete it while you are waiting.

    Your will be interviewed by the Social Security Administration office staff. They will verify your citizenship and then update your records. Updating your social security records will not result in a new social security card being issued to you unless there were restrictions on your old card. If you would like a new social security card, make a request for one during your interview with the office staff.
  7. takadigi

    takadigi Registered Users (C)

    It is not important. BTW, you are eligible to get your condition removed from your Social Security card on the basis of your green card itself. You don't need to become a US Citizen to do that. Both me and my spouse have done that.
  8. someitguy

    someitguy Registered Users (C)

    So to understand correctly, my wife's SS card says "Not valid for work without INS authorization." She has her passport 551 stamped, and shortly will receive a 2 yr conditional GC. Should she take the GC to SS and get the condition removed from her card and a new one issued - or does it have to be the 10 yr card?
  9. query11.

    query11. Registered Users (C)

    i had it done yesterday in houston,took me less than 15 minutes...sole reason was change of name during citizenship...

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