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Afghan translator for US military seeking asylum

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by Zzakye, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Zzakye

    Zzakye New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I was a translater with US Marines and special forces in Afghanistan. I came to US in Oct 2014 on a 6 months valid visa. I applied for asylum and here is what has happened so far:
    Feb 2015 Filed I-589 at SF office
    Feb 2015 Biometrics
    Aug 2015 Got EAD
    Aug 2016 Renew EAD
    Feb 2017 Got interview notice
    Mar 2017 Asylum interview and asked to pickup decision in two weeks
    Mar 2017 Biometrics
    Apr 2017 went to pick up decision but was told that it's pending and will be mailed.
    They further said that if I don't get decision in 2-3 months, then come back to asylum office to check status.

    Anyone who has been through this process know what is going on with my case and why the decision is still pending. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. loveGod

    loveGod Member

    Hi its not new at all that you decision is still pending, most people here had the same and quite a large percent got their case approved. Just keep your hopes up and pray. Let us know when you receive it in the mail.
  3. Zzakye

    Zzakye New Member

    Thanks for replying . I will post more updates
  4. Zzakye

    Zzakye New Member

    My case was accepted and I got my i-94 along with Employment Authorization card yesterday. If anyone need help regarding their asylum cases, please let me know
  5. Eian Mcneely

    Eian Mcneely Member

    Great news Zz, i hate waiting and it took you almost three years for the process to complete :(
  6. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your approval @Zzakye and best of luck :)
  7. sadsoul

    sadsoul Registered Users (C)

    Was your bio metrics taken on March 2017, before or after the interview?
    And congratulations on your approval.
    Have a good and safe life ahead.
  8. Sanaz.1987

    Sanaz.1987 Member

    Hi Zzakye
    Congratulations. I have a question. I filed my asylum case on June 2014. from That time so far I renewed my EAD two times and this year I requested to renew for three years. However, I didn't receive any thing else so far. Until yesterday I received a letter for my son fingerprint who is under 21 and he depends on me. This it will be the second time for his fingerprint. I did not receive this letter for myself. also, I did not any letter for an interview so far. What do your opinion about this letter for the second-time fingerprint for my son? And why I did not receive for second time for myself? Also, I did not receive any letter for an interview so far. Is it normal? I would appreciate it if you tell me about your exprinces. My case is asylum case for my son and me.
    Thank you in advance!
  9. Sanaz.1987

    Sanaz.1987 Member

    By the way, his file is under my file and he depends on me. and even our ZAR case number is the same. By the way is there any website that I can check my status, not my EAD status. My asylum case status. Thank you again.
  10. loveGod

    loveGod Member

    Great news. Was it mailed to you?
  11. shoby44

    shoby44 New Member

    Hi Zzakye !
    My interview was conducted on March 22nd 2017 and upon inquiry they told me that case is under review by the Asylum Officer adjudicating your case. Please let me know what should I do to expedite my decision process?
  12. Sanaz.1987

    Sanaz.1987 Member

    did you get any news?

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