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Advantage and Disadvantage of US Citizen vs Green Card

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by gcsuffer, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. gcsuffer

    gcsuffer Registered Users (C)

    Would someone list all advantage and disadvantage of US Citizen vs Green Card?

    I can list one.
    Green can leave US temporarily. US citizen does not have this problem.

    US Citizen disadvantage:
    Holding US passport is not safe on the plane or at some countriesl. Many people hate US!

    Does US citizen get more benefit after retirement?
  2. sony55

    sony55 Banned

    gcsuffer , here is the answer !

    First of all, gcsuffer, I hope that your question is for aiming for knowledge and doesn't intend sarcasm of the benefits of the US citizenship!
    But, anway, if you needed the information i will tell you a little , which is what i know about the benefits of the U.S. Citizenship :
    1- carrying a US passport will provide you freedom of travel as %99 or world's countries don't require US citizens to obtain a visa to enter those countries. That could save you money too , just kiddng :).

    2- By being a citizen, you can file petition for relatives and bring your family (sisters, brothers, and parents) to come and live in the US. Although the process could take a long time, but at the end , they will end up here.

    3- Many government and federal jobs require US citizenship.

    4- Also, some federal and State-funded grants and scholarships for higher education are offered solely to US citizens. And i am not talking about the Pell Grant which is offered to citizens and residents, but the State grants, like the one i applied, and ofcoure got denied, in Tennessee, and it's called TSA, Tennessee Student Assistance.

    5- Needless to talk about your rights here as a US citizen living in the United states just like any other US born citizen, you can vote, sue, serve in a jury duty, etc..

    6- You cannot be deported as a US citizen , even if you commited a major crime, unless your citizenship was provoked due to lying in the process of naturalization.

    That's all for now, i might get some more later.
    I hope that helps a little.
  3. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

    1. with the current trent in politics the green card holders seem to have less and less rights. who knows what will tomorrow's law bring.
    2. if your country is not dual citzp, then you lose right to work, govt jobs, property acquisition rights, who knows what else in your former country.
    3. can work for govt here, imagine that you are participating in the political process, can travel (current conditions in the world are not too good for travel though).
    4. get bunch of fear and envy from citizens of other countries.
  4. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

    Naturalized citizens are still not good for many government jobs. For example state department.

    Naturalized ctzn can still have ctzp revoked in many circumstances. Get sent to former country if he has dual ctzp with it. Just recently heard that on tv from Alberto Gonzales.
  5. gcsuffer

    gcsuffer Registered Users (C)

    1-4 are nice but I won't use it. It just likes buying a high tech toy, most functions are very nice but many people do not use them.

    Only 5,6 count as advantage "for me".

    I would like to hear the disadvantage.
  6. 196111

    196111 Registered Users (C)

    Misleading and incomplete statements!
    Instead of relying solely on TV information, how about doing some credible reseach too? :(
  7. FoxyIdiot

    FoxyIdiot Registered Users (C)

    State dept jobs

    I cant believe state dept. would discriminate against naturalized citizens,
    that would be unconstitutional. Only req. for those types of jobs other than being a citizen (naturalized or otherwise) would be getting a security clearance. Getting a security clearance though is no easy matter(you have to pass a lie detector test for example-imagine if they had that for immigration/visa applicants!).
    Anyway, naturalized citizens are supposed to have all the rights except they cant be president.
  8. sony55

    sony55 Banned

    Total agreement

    I totally agree with you!
    People rely too much on TV and believe everything in it as it was a proven fact! And that is a big MISTAKE. The news on TV could be somehow correct, but often times it's not, and it's tailored to be exciting and attracting.
    I, personally, don't believe that America, the source of democracy, could descriminate between a natural born citizen and a naturalized citizen. That's why we take the oath of allegiance and swear to protect and defend this country no matter what before we get the citizenship.
    I also agree with Foxy, i don't think such descrimination would be constitutional. The only one different we know about is that a naturalized citizen cannot be a president of the United States. Oh well, big deal, like i would run for president any way. lol :)
  9. ravirai

    ravirai Registered Users (C)

    Let me clarify the state gov point.
    I am gc and I work for the state dept. So my working proves that you can work as an "employee" or as a contractor through a consulting firm. I also understand that state govt. usually refrain from hiring a worker on work visa due to complicated process of hiring as well as visa.

    To my knowledge, there are few agencies (specially under federal) where sensitive security is of concern. SO it is logical and very natural that those jobs will be reserved for citizens who can pass the eligibility requirements as mentioned by "foxyidiot".

  10. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

    1. Blacks and "Orientals" just recently acquired right to be citizens of USA. Before that constituion did not think they are worth it.
    2. You can't work as a foreign service officer or in any security sensitive position for example in the State Dept if:
    - recently naturalized
    - dual citizen (mostly)
    - have relatives in other country
    - have girlfriend/boyfriend foreign-born
    - have wife/husband foreign-born
    - hang out with non-americans
    - travel overseas
    - had any contact with foreign entities other than on US government business
    - etc.
  11. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

    If you, new son of America, will break 3 times any of the billion laws in her house or decide to travel to another country within 1 year of natur-n, then your new mother will denaturalize you and kick you out of the house. So your citizenship is conditional. Not like that of REAL native-born white protestant men.
  12. sony55

    sony55 Banned

    I like those two points, so if i hang out with somebody who is not american i cannot work for the state Dept. What am I an idiot to believe that. Everybody in this country is an immigrant!
  13. Myxomop

    Myxomop Registered Users (C)

    Could you please be so kind and provide the source of this information about travelling to another country within one year of naturalization? You meant leaving the States for good of just going on vacation? Could you be more specific please.
  14. sony55

    sony55 Banned

    Ania's information is deviated from the right thing. The point is if you leave the US within your first year of naturalization for more than a year then you could be subject to get your citizenship revoked.
  15. Harish Krishna

    Harish Krishna Registered Users (C)

    "Ania's information is deviated from the right thing. The point is if you leave the US within your first year of naturalization for more than a year then you could be subject to get your citizenship revoked."

    Could you provide a link to where it says that people could lose their citizenship if they leave the country for more than 1 year shortly after getting naturalized? Thanks.
  16. sony55

    sony55 Banned

    I would like to thank you very much for the Piece of law that describe with details that point of argument between us and ania. I was actually looking for that to answer Harish and couldn't find it. When you posted your post, you answered me, ania, and Harish. Thanks again for your effort!
  17. bashar82

    bashar82 Registered Users (C)

    I had a friend in Bangladesh whose father was a US diplomat and her mother was from Ecuador (sp?) who after at least 17 years of marriage refused to get US citizenship.
    A former US ambassador to Israel under Clinton used to be the head of Australian intelligence. He was appointed ambassador shortly after being naturalized.
  18. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 18, 2005
  19. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

    OK, I wrote: "mostly", "recently", etc. The rules in that agency are not absolute. There is also Henry Kissinger who still has bad English. Madeline Olbrait - from Hungaria. Zbignev Brzerzinsky. All were Secretaries of State. You just have to be the right person.
  20. ania

    ania Registered Users (C)

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