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Advance Parole Document

Discussion in 'Visa Bulletin and Priority Dates Retrogression Iss' started by EB2_012004, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. EB2_012004

    EB2_012004 Registered Users (C)


    Last year when I got my first Advance Parole (I-512L) based on my pending EB2 NIW Adjustment of Status, the document stated that immigration officer at PoE will parole the bearer into the US after an overseas travel for bonafide business or personal reasons. I have used my first AP twice this year without any problems. The form version was from 2003.

    I just received my second AP, but it states immigration officer to parole the named bearer into United States upon urgent humanitarian reasons or signficant public benefit. This is the confusinng part. The version of this I-512L is from 8/30/05 is it is probably the newest form.

    I need to use the new AP for business travel next month. Has anyone who applied for AP recently gotten this 8/31/2005 version of I-512L? Is it a cause for concern?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
  2. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    Yes I also received I-512L with this new wording ( 2nd AP ). The first one is just I-512. These form versions and wordings are confusing. After discussing with other people I concluded that the first one is a simpler form and when INS issues a second AP they word the AP differently which alarms us. By the by can any one point me to the format of employment verification letter to be carried while travelling on AP.

  3. EB2_012004

    EB2_012004 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for your reply. What I also would like to find out from other AP applicants whether all the recent I-512L say "urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit"?

    I have traveled twice now on AP. I was never asked for employment verification letter, but of course it is good to carry. I don't think there is a standard format for the letter. At minimum it should list your position and how long you have been employed.
  4. 2005perm

    2005perm New Member

    I-94 card

    I got my AP recently and don't remember I get the same message on mine. I'll go back home to get the exact messge on mine. Meanwhile, I have a question on using AP --When you use AP to travel abroad, did you give your I-94 card to the airline? Did you get a new one from the airline when returning back to US?

  5. EB2_012004

    EB2_012004 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks! Please do let me know the text on your AP.

    When you travel overseas, you should surrender your current I-94 to an airline official just before boarding the plane. When you check in for your return flight, you need to pick up white I-94 along with customs declaration. Make sure you fill both these before you exit the plane. When you approach the immigration officer at the port of entry, you need to hand over your passport, original AP, I-94 and customs declaration. After doing initial formalities, the officer will ask for an escort to take you to secondary processing where another immigration officer will stamp your passport, I-94, and the AP document and then send you on your way to baggage claim and customs. This has been my experience. Your mileage may vary.
  6. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    Hello 2005perm is your AP the first one or you have a renewal. If it is first one you may not have this wording just check and let us know.

  7. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    Hello EB2_012004 from your nick name it looks like you are EB2 with a PD of Jan 2004 am I right?....I am also very close to you EB2 with May 2004 PD got stuck in retor..let us keep in touch.

  8. kesab

    kesab Registered Users (C)

    Same wording...my concern

    Hello All,
    Just noticed that my family got the same wording ("urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit") in their AP approval . They are in India now. I am concerned do they need to prove this criteria to the immigration officer? How they can?
    Pleease let me know...
  9. EB2_012004

    EB2_012004 Registered Users (C)


    Could the reason for the curious wording be that USCIS is using the same form for all types of advance paroles as stated in the USCIS memo I found here? http://www.uscis.gov/graphics/lawsregs/handbook/I512Lmemo063005.pdf

  10. 2005perm

    2005perm New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I did go back reading the words more closely, it did say the same thing --immigration officer to parole the named bearer into United States upon urgent humanitarian reasons or signficant public benefit.

    This is my first AP. So looks like they changed the wording for all. I asked my lawyer's assistant, she said she never saw anybody having problem for coming back on AP. For those who travelled lately on AP with this message, they may be able to provide more accurate information.
  11. EB2_012004

    EB2_012004 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks 2005perm. It does look like USCIS is using the same I-512L for all types of Advance Paroles as I found in a USCIS memo (please see my earlier post). So there is probably nothing to worry about.
  12. 2005perm

    2005perm New Member

    Use AP recently

    Has anyone used AP recently with this new confusing message? Could you please share your experience?

  13. masala dosa

    masala dosa Registered Users (C)

    my wife and i just returned from Sweden. we entered at different POEs self in atlanta and she in DC. No problem
    infact i didnt even know this change existed
    BTW i was asked to wait in a secondary area while they checked my criminal background ( LOL) and whola i missed my flight, but apparently they have informed all airlines of delays and they will put u on another flight.

    bottom line travel on AP no issues for me
  14. kesab

    kesab Registered Users (C)

    My wife and kids just returned from India (last week) without any problem. Officer at POE asked for only AP and Passport. So COOL.
  15. 2005perm

    2005perm New Member


    Thanks, masala dosa and kesab. That's great to hear.

    Don't know if anybody used AP to enter US when AOS/green card was approved while the applicant was abroad? My lawyer said technically the person can't use AP to enter in that case, but in reality people got in with AP. Anyone who had such experience, please share.


    USCIS_GC_APPRO Registered Users (C)

    My Ap is expired.

    Does I need to reappy new one for next year My H1 is getting exired in next year, and I do have planes to go to India.
  17. pranrasvij

    pranrasvij New Member

    yep, this needs to be renewed every year (takes 4 months to renew AP)

    Also, I have come back into USA 2 times this year with AP (new one) and had no issues/problems getting in. Only pain in ass is that they send you to secondar inspections and then stamp/update passport/AP documents.


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