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"Administrative close" I-485

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by paguy, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. paguy

    paguy Registered Users (C)


    We recently applied for my spouse advance parole which was denied because her I-485 is "adminstrative close". My green card was approved about 8 months ago.

    Few months ago, INS requested police clearance certifivcates from last 5 years where she stayed as her second round of fingerprint could not be processed by FBI. We submitted all the docs within the deadline and INS acknowldged that they recieved it and it ia taking 360 -540 days to process.

    Please let me know if anyone knows about "Administrive close" meaning for I-485. What I shoud do now?

  2. Gpng_dl

    Gpng_dl Registered Users (C)

    I would call VSC and ask for help and explanation. They are sensitive in case when applications of primary applicant and dependants get separated.

    You may also consider trying their option for expedite request. You may find more about this on their website (look for "General Expedite Procedures By Mail"):
  3. paguy

    paguy Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the update. I am going to send them expdite request. Do you think because of files being seperated my spouse's case is "administrative close"? Have you heard such instances?
  4. Gpng_dl

    Gpng_dl Registered Users (C)

    I would be happy to help you solving that. But honestly, I do not know. I never heard of something like this "a.c.". My only guess it's something that may happen to people whose fingerprints are not readable after they tried three times, and such applications may be put "on hold" or something like that, until the police certificate arrives.
    I would just call them, you may get some of your concerns explained right away.

    The best of luck!
  5. saras76

    saras76 Banned

    I have some experience with AC


    I am a TSC filer and have had a lot of problems with my case. One of the problems I had was similar to what you have stated. Earlier this year we had applied for our Advance Parole documents (Jan 2005) and for the longest time there was no approval or activity on those applications. When several months had passed my wife called the TSC regarding the pending APs and was told that her AP was "Administratively Closed." The officer that gave her the update did not know why it was "Ad Closed" but said that the officer that was working on her case had been moved to another department and had Admin closed out her file without looking at it. After several phone inquires and AILA inquiries we were finally informed that TSC had lost both mine and my wifes APs and we had to send in new apps. I got a personal letter stating this and was given specific information as to who the new AP apps should go to.

    I am not trying to say that your wifes case has been lost. I am just trying to share a "Ad Closed" situation with you. As you can see, this whole process is messed up and ANYTHING is possible.


  6. Abuhamza

    Abuhamza Registered Users (C)

    !why Do People Talk Rudly And Hard Headed!?

    I wrote many Questions on the board and NO ONE even answered at least closer to it, Coz you see my name and put it in the trash like CIS case workers? This is my Information and dates anyway: :confused:

    Date applied: 08/2002
    Date recei: 8/2005
    First FP: 07/2004
    2nd medical: 09/2005
    Bio date recei: 09/2005

    During Request of evidence there was ayellow letter says " Put this letter on top of your responce failure to do so will abondone your case". I forget send with it but did all request and have the yellow paper with me. I am waiting for approval since LUD: 09/2005.

    My question is will the yellow paper be a problem and any one have any clue like this case. ThanK YOU GUYZ :)
  7. Comfused

    Comfused Registered Users (C)

    I-485 administrative closed, please help

    Recently I found my I-485 application is "administrative closed" on May 26th, 2006 during my visit local immig. officer. The immig. officer just told me that she will ask them to reopen my case and she don't know what happened. It is so rare to have such a situation and my attorney was also comfused. I found this thread is related to such a situation and write to ask a help. Did someone in this thread solve the problem of "administrative close". What is really happened? My 485 has been pending for 3 years and "administrative closed" makes me outrageous and depressed. please give me some advice.

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