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adjustment of status after removal order

Discussion in 'Exclusion or Removal from USA' started by tidkom, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. tidkom

    tidkom New Member

    Hey everybody
    I was wondering if it is possible to adjust my status when on an "order of supervision". Can I get married with my fiancee and have her sponsor me and eventually become a permanent resident.
  2. AzBlk

    AzBlk Registered Users (C)

    It theoretically possible but extremely hard practically. You would need to file several waivers like i-212, i-601 and show that you spouse will suffer extreme hardship in your absence and that your spouse can not simply move to your country. You will also have to leave the country to get your visa. This is a case for a competent immigration attorney and not for these boards.
  3. alexcalifornia

    alexcalifornia Registered Users (C)

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  4. dafortycal

    dafortycal Registered Users (C)

    First thing that anyone would need to know is why are you on a OSUP? Depending on your violation, you can never adjust your status. Second problem, you are on a OSUP and have a unexecuted removal order. You're going to need to leave the Country before anything waivers can be applied for. To get married or not is your choice and no business of the United States government, as a American citizen your wife is free to live wherever she wishes to include your country or a third country that will accept both of you.

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