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ADIT Processing

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by ncblackhole, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. ncblackhole

    ncblackhole Registered Users (C)

    Hello All,

    I apologise in advance if this question is a reapeat but can anyone give me an answer what this ADIT PTOCESSING IS? I tried to google it but could not find much..

    I got this email that:


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    "On June 15, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register."

    Does it mean that my Green card is on its way? amd again what do I have to do for this ADIT processing and how long that takes in general?

  2. PraetorianXI

    PraetorianXI Banned

    ADIT Processing

    If you received a notice to go to this office for what we refer to as ‘ADIT processing’, you must visit this office in person by scheduling an appointment on our website using INFOPASS.

    Remember to bring the following, to the office, for your appointment:

    •Form I-797, "Approval Notice" from the Service Center or an approval letter to process a Form I-551 card

    •2 new passport style photos and a valid passport

    •If you do not have a valid passport, bring 3 passport-style photos with you.
  3. ncblackhole

    ncblackhole Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the prompt response.. so does this mean that my Green Card is approved? And I will get it after I complete this ADIT Processing..right? or before that?

    Thanks again
  4. PraetorianXI

    PraetorianXI Banned

    ADIT - Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications System (ADIT Photo's no longer used by the USCIS )

    ADIT refers to biometrics. What the approval notice is stating is that you will get your GC within 60 days or when you complete any ADIT processing that still needs to occur.

    Some people are getting their GC approved without an up to date ADIT file. So the application is approved and an ADIT request is made. Once you complete it, they send you the card.

    The old I-551 stamp was also refered to as an ADIT stamp, but I don't think that's what they are refering to here.

    Don't worry about it, it's the standard message.
  5. PraetorianXI

    PraetorianXI Banned

    An ADIT stamp is a stamp added to an individual's passport or I-94 (Arrival -Departure Record) as proof of "temporary" permanent residency status.

    A search in USCIS.gov website shows the following:
    Alien documentation, identification and telecommunications (ADIT) system. Records consist of formatted data base records of personal and biographical information such as name, date of birth, picture and fingerprint coordinates, height, mother's first name, father's first name, city/town/village of birth.
  6. rsdalal

    rsdalal Registered Users (C)

    485 approved ADIT processing

    Online message changed for 485 approved with ADIT. Can the candidate go out of county with approval notice, as Card would take some time, is it safe to go with approval notice.
  7. PraetorianXI

    PraetorianXI Banned

    You need the Card to be able to re-enter the US or an Advance Parole.
  8. Jutarath

    Jutarath Registered Users (C)

    you actually can use the I-551 stamp on your passport to travel (thats what the officer told me) but I don't wanna take the risk so I will just wait for the card.

    I got that email today about ADIT thingy. i will have to wait and see what i have to do.
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  9. PraetorianXI

    PraetorianXI Banned

    That is true. The problem is that the chances of getting your passport stamped are very LITTLE. :p not all District Offices are doing it.

    Again, I would rather wait for the card. :cool:

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