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Address on myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov not updated automatically (+ other online issues)

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by abumiqdad, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. abumiqdad

    abumiqdad Member


    Some concerns that I have - I created an online account on myaccount.uscis 1 week after i entered the USA as a LPR end of last year. Since then, i have used the online form AR-11 twice to update my address, and shockingly, the address on my online profile still shows the original address when the profile was created!

    Now my concerns are as follows:

    1. I am not able to find any ways to update the address through myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov website. Well maybe there is a way to do so, but for now, i am not able to find it. under My Profile, i can only update my mobile number . Can others confirm this as well?

    2. I am about to initiate an online GC replacement process (even though i am not in the USA at the moment). I entered the current friend's address where i will reside for 3 months starting September this year, but would it affect my application if the address on myaccount.uscis is incorrect? I assumed USCIS will only use the address entered in the form (I-90 for GC replacement - even when i apply using the online feature)

    3. I tried uploading documents on the online I 90 form via myaccount.uscis - but for some reasons it just kept uploading (after more than 5-6 minutes). I believe my connection is fast enough to upload just 500kb scanned document. Anyone else had this issue? 2017-08-06_00h31_00.png 2017-08-06_00h26_12.png
  2. abumiqdad

    abumiqdad Member

  3. abumiqdad

    abumiqdad Member

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