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3 years diploma + 3 years degree from India - Eb2

Discussion in 'PERM' started by sinathi, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. sinathi

    sinathi Registered Users (C)

    Hello All,

    I did my Bachelors in Computer Applications by following the diploma route - that is doing 3 years of diploma after my 10th standard and then my BCA course. I also have 10+ years of experience.

    Last year my company had filed my PERM in EB3 which got into an audit and the audit response got rejected, now it is on appeal.

    Attorney suggested to file a different PERM based on my new job title. In the new PERM they are now saying that filing my GC under EB2 is not possible and will be better if we file under EB3 - just because my BCA is 3 years. This does not make a 4 year degree a 3 year degree.

    Please advise what to do.. attorney is pretty adamant about this saying that they have seen cases getting rejected due to this.

    My company is from Texas.

    I am left with 6 months on my H1B. Please advise.. I am getting desperate..
    What should be the course of my next action? My company will not allow me to talk to different lawyer..

    Does it help Getting my education evaluation done from good evaluator to show it is equal to US BS? or should I do any online BS or MS which accepts 3 year degree from Inida as BS.

    Please help.. Really appreciate it.

  2. littleadv

    littleadv Registered Users (C)

    If you cannot get a certification of your degree as a US 4-year BS equivalent - you're going to EB3. What is the help you're looking for? Why are you desperate? It looks like your employer is doing the best he can for you, and after one application being audited and rejected, I wouldn't try any schticks and tricks. Take the most conservative path. You can always go back to India, if you don't want to wait for EB3, of course.

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