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221g+Administrative Delays+Security Check+Fingerprint Delays Tracker (Non Muslim)

Discussion in 'H Visa Issues at the Consulates and Visa Revalidat' started by TimeSaver, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. TimeSaver

    TimeSaver Registered Users (C)

    Hi This is a tracker for people whose cases are stuck because of any of the following reasons:

    1. Administrative Delays
    2. Fingerprint taken
    3. FBI checks
    4. Name Checks
    5. Working in highly sensitive area (Nuclear, Chemical/Semi-conductor)


    --No offences..this restriction is just for keeping information separate.

    Keywords: 221g, fingerprint, finger print, namecheck, name check, FBI, DOS, Department of state, administrative processing, delays, mexico, nogales, tijuana, canada, bahamas, ontario, vancouver, stamping, delays, visa delay, admin processing
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  2. Avisrp

    Avisrp Registered Users (C)

    Visa decision held for INTERAGENCY CLEARANCE??

    Hello Folks

    I am a PhD in Chemistry came to Toronto Canada for my H1 visa stamping 2nd time, got the first one in India.
    The decision on my visa was held under 221(g) for Further review and INTERAGENCY CLEARANCE was checked on the form given to me.
    Any clue what it is ?????

    I was told to wait for 2-4 weeks but no response so far.

    Any one with similar experience anywhere!!! I am worried about the wait time to get the response from US consul.


  3. TimeSaver

    TimeSaver Registered Users (C)

    There are tons of people with cases similar to yours. Just let them chime in here.
  4. ucadi1

    ucadi1 Registered Users (C)

    Question regarding 221(g)

    Dear All,

    My husband who is on H1 for the last 3 years is finishing his first term and he is planning to get the second term H1 applied by the end of this year. I have been reading many posts about 221(g) and came across that working in a semi conductor field could bring 221(g)

    I wanted to know how true this is? and What does one do if one is stuck in Canada waiting for this? Are you asked to go back to Home country or can you wait in Canada waiting for the outcome?

    When is 221(g) issued? Some examples will be very useful.

    I am worried a lot for this since my husband works in a semi conductor industry and got his masters in MEMS from US.

    Thank you.
  5. TimeSaver

    TimeSaver Registered Users (C)

    Here is how it works:

    Who might get 221(g)
    1. A person who's name gets a hit at the DOS/FBI NNCP database. It could be your name because you were arrested, you had a DUI, you were witness to a case or somehow related to case that has its place in FBI files. Or it could be the name of another person who has similar name as you. This is the most common one. Dont count yourself out of it. Even if your name is "Hindu Hindustani", you never know how your name got up there . Just be prepared for this situation even if you work for Microsoft, make more than $150k, have a PH.D. from MIT, have all the paystubs, no issues, no complains....dont drink...dont smoke....a perfect clean record....but still you could find your name up there. Most probs it was someone elses name..but your bad luck.

    2. You are from one of those countries.

    3. You have a muslim or muslim sounding name.

    4. You work in any of the fields which might have access to some sensitive information or technology (biotech, nuclear, chem, biomed, semi-conductor, and some others.

    5. The visa officer thinks your company is not genuine..so he needs more paperwork.

    6. The visa officer thinks you are not genuine..your past history, education, pay stubs or something.
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  6. ucadi1

    ucadi1 Registered Users (C)


    Dear Time Saver,

    Thank you very much for your information. It is very helpful in understand 221(g) better for people who is coming across this for the first time.

    I do wish to know what do people normally do when they are stuck in a country like Canada waiting for 221(g) response? Are you asked to go back to home country like say India?

    Thank you for your time.
  7. TimeSaver

    TimeSaver Registered Users (C)

    You are not asked to, but you can if you want. But you will need multiple entry visa for that country where the consulate is. You are never ASKED to..as long as your visa is under admin review..if your visa is denied..(I haven't heard a case)..that will be the reason for them to ask you to India and apply from there.
  8. Avisrp

    Avisrp Registered Users (C)

    Hi there....

    NO there are not tons of 'Non muslims' going through these kind of procedures.

    "Some people chosen at 'Random' belonging to Science and similar fields or with certain expertise mentioned in Technology Alert List (TAL) irrespective of religion or country of origin planning to come to US might have to go through, INTERAGENCY CLEARANCE.

    I took about 38 days (38 CALENDAR DAYS not 38 working days) in my case to receive Clearance response from Washington DC.

    Back in US after 38 CALENDAR DAYS from TORONTO.

  9. sathyaravi

    sathyaravi Registered Users (C)

    221g at Toronto

    My case if from H4 to H1B and the VO issued a 221G saying that my application needs further processing. He said he will email me once the processing is done. Has anyoe gone thru such a situation?
    Normally how long it takes to hear from the consulate in Canada after getting the 221G. Also the VO issued a 221G on a green paper.Was reading in forums that they issue in different colors. So what does a green 221G mean?
    Pls reply ASAP since I'm in a critical situation in Canada and cant return to US.
  10. guyfromsg

    guyfromsg Registered Users (C)

    Am I in the same situation?

    Can't find anyone with similar experience. I attended revalidation interview at chennai consulate on 7th Nov and the visa was approved, but the passport is not received so far. Called Consulate and they advised me the stamp is pending clearance from Washington.

    So it's possible the visa is approved but the stamping is on hold? Any idea on when this would clear?
  11. DeepaRao

    DeepaRao Registered Users (C)

    221g in Ciudad juarez

    I was given a 221g in Ciudad juarez very recently..mine was h4 to h1...I was told it takes 4-6 weeks for process.....I got a white 221g form ..what does these colors have to do ...
    I was given a 60-day permit to enter into US and they would email me back about the process...
    I'm still waiting...
  12. giddi77

    giddi77 New Member


    I attended Visa Interview on Nov 20th and I too received a 221(g) pink slip. I was asked to wait for 4 weeks.

    I have been working in US for the past 5yrs 9 months. I came here for a family visit. My H1 will expire on 1st March 2007. I work for a very respectable hardware design company which makes most of the microprocessors.

    I have started to work from Bangalore. If it takes more than 3 months, my H-1 (I-797) will expire. What would happen after that? My GC is in I-140 stage. My company will hopefully apply for H1 extension in the next 2-3 weeks.

    I am a hindu and my name on Social Security card is different from that on I-797. May be that's the reason.. Whatever the reason, as with many of you, the wait is painful :(
  13. harry_tej

    harry_tej Registered Users (C)

    I have H1 visa appointment in Ottawa on Feb 08, 2007. I received a call from US embassy in Canada today (Jan 09, 2007) warning me that they may put my case for clearance and it may take more than 2 weeks to get approval and I should come ready for it to Canada. Is it something they do to all applicants or it is almost sure that my case will go in security clearance?

    Also, I got security clearance on F1 when applied for F1 extension. Can they still send my case for security clearance again?

    Can I come to US if they do on valid F1 visa?

    Thanks a ton!
  14. tough

    tough Registered Users (C)

    Did you get your visa

    I am going to Vancouver for H4 to H1 can kindly tell me what documents do I need to take. I am resident doctor. I am kind of scared to go to canada.
  15. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Why? The fear is Canada or visiting the US consulate there? Just curious!!!

  16. tough

    tough Registered Users (C)

    Going to US consulate in canada

    After seeing some many of 221G. Were you for H4 to H1
  17. EthanHunt

    EthanHunt New Member


    Please dont get angry...just curious to know hw long will it take for the consulate to respond for 221G(pink) - having a muslim name...I have already waiting since a month....

    Please respond...

  18. sanjoo123

    sanjoo123 Registered Users (C)

    Delay in passport-visa stamping

    Hello Folks,

    My wife had a valid H4 visa on her passport, unfortunately that passport was lost in India. She appeared for the visa interview on 4 th December. The visa officer granted her H4 Visa. However, she is waiting for her passport since then. First time when she called the embassy after 7 days of wait, they said it is under process. Now they are saying that they are waiting for the clearance. Has any one had this kind of situation? how long does it take for this kind of clearance. Thanks
  19. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    It seems the consulate requested Washington for a namecheck. No one can speculate how long it will take. Unfortunately your wife has no choice but wait it out. Recently my brother-in-law, a Saudi Citizen, applied for a visit visa and his clearance took 8 months to come through. He being male and having very common first, middle and last names did not help his cause.
    Good luck to yuor wife. May it be a short wait!!!
  20. sanjoo123

    sanjoo123 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks TripleCitizen, Unfortunately my son who is US Citzen had to wait for her mom's visa/passport. He will miss lot of school time specially when they love going to school these days.

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