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2014 DV Australian winners

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by AU.Dan, May 2, 2013.

  1. AU.Dan

    AU.Dan Registered Users (C)

    I'm starting a new thread for any Australian's who got selected for further processing for the 2014 DV.
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  2. neko83

    neko83 Registered Users (C)

    I'll throw my hand up.

    Case number is 2014OC000028xx, which I think is the highest so far. Not overly comfortable with such a high number, but its out of my hands - see how we go :) Should be posting the forms back to KCC tomorrow morning.
  3. AU.Dan

    AU.Dan Registered Users (C)

    I have been select for 2014 (through my wife). Case No. 2014OC00001XXX (between 1200 -1400). I'm guessing that we might get an interview in July-Augusts 2014 with a number this high.

    Case No. 2014OC00001XXX
    Police Check:
  4. Mijoro

    Mijoro Active Member

    I have been selected also... from Queensland.

    My number is in the low 2000's I am hoping that I will be good to go as far as interviews being next year. Does anyone actually know though how we fare in terms of how long it will take to get to the 2000's it seems most aussies on the forum have 2000 numbers.
  5. Mijoro

    Mijoro Active Member

    Can someone tell me if I am allowed to holiday to america before my interview?
  6. Mijoro

    Mijoro Active Member

    If thats the case and you are in the low 1200's then us guys in the 2000's are pretty much screwed.
  7. Kimandgaz

    Kimandgaz Registered Users (C)

    Another winner here, also from QLD....number in the mid 2000's ---------> hope we make it to interview !!
  8. petitfille

    petitfille New Member

    Also selected :) from ACT but have been living in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the past 2 years. My case number is 2014OC00000XXX between 200-500 so I guess I better get the process started..
  9. badabingbada

    badabingbada Registered Users (C)

    Seems to be a pessimism about "high" numbers for Oceania. I can only suggest people consider the fact that hundreds of New Zealanders and dozens of Pacific Islanders could very well have got low numbers and maybe Australia is a large chunk of numbers coming after that. Or before it, who knows?
  10. neko83

    neko83 Registered Users (C)

    Having spent a few hours going over the visa bulletins for the last few years, I think we're fine.

    Oceania region cutoff goes into "Current" by August each year, which means they have enough visas allocated remaining for everyone selected that hasn't been processed (to my understanding).
  11. bella8188

    bella8188 Registered Users (C)

    Yes you can! But as long as you're travelling with the visa waiver program (ESTA) and not applying for another kind of visa, like a J1 or something (that would get denied).

    And you have to have clear proof that you plan to leave the US at the end of the holiday.
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  12. nicemdu

    nicemdu Registered Users (C)

    I'm in Australia and am in the low 200s. I've read the bulletin and other pages on this message board but I'm still a little confused. Does my low number mean I can expect an interview soon? Or will all interviews take place in 2014?

    Also, another question, for someone waiting for an interview and to find out my outcome, am I eligible to apply for other US visas such as tourist visa or J1 cultural exchange visa while I'm waiting? I had plans to travel to the US in November 2013 for a while to study or travel, should I consider those plans cancelled now while I concentrate on the DV processing...?

    Any advice/help would be super appreciated. Thanks.
  13. dafang

    dafang Registered Users (C)

    Firstly, congrats to you all. I was a lucky Australian winner last year. I now have my Green Card and have entered the USA.

    I found looking through the previous years thread to be very useful, so I suggest having a look through the 2013 Australian thread.

    Interviews start in October. I was in the low 500's and I was in January.

    From what I understand, it is fine to travel to the USA on any kind of visa. Being part of the DV process is not considered a reason for exclusion from entry due to an intent to immigrate.
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  14. bella8188

    bella8188 Registered Users (C)

    You cannot get a J1 visa if you are in the process of getting your green card through the lottery. You could go ahead and get your J1, and do the travel, and then start your paperwork for the lottery visa afterwards, but once the process is started, a J1 visa will not get approved, as the DV lottery visa proves that you have intent to stay permanently in the US.

    I won the DV lottery last year, however travelled to the US on a J1 visa first (to work at summer camp), and then started the process after I returned. That way, I was fine!

    For this year, I planned to return to camp, but I didn't know if I would have my interview/green card in time, so I went to re-apply for the J1, thinking I would just cancel it if my green card did happen in time. However, the organisation that I apply through for camp said that no, I couldn't apply for a J1, but it ended up working out fine that I got my interview in March (I hadn't sent my paperwork in til late October last year, but my case number was below 50, so that got me in an earlier interview).
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  15. nicemdu

    nicemdu Registered Users (C)

    Thank you so much for your response, it really helps. Do you know how long you can delay completing the process for the DV? I was planning to go for my J1 and arrive in the US on J1 visa in November this year. Can I return to Australia mid or even late-2014 and then complete the paperwork for the DV then?
  16. bella8188

    bella8188 Registered Users (C)

    Honestly, I'm not sure about that, you might want to contact the US embassy and ask them that question.

    I think you only have until September 2014 to complete the paperwork or it will be too late, I'm not sure. Like, for me last year, we have until September 30th this year to have been interviewed, or it's too late, I think? Someone else may be able to confirm this.

    If you wait super late, then you run the risk of the visa quota being filled and missing out all together. I only delayed my application by five months, and even then, I did that because my case number was below 50, so I felt good about getting an interview - which I also got notice of about two months after sending in my paperwork.

    Would you be going over on a J1 to work? Who would be sponsoring that visa? Like for me, I worked at summer camp, so I contacted Camp Leaders, the organisation that handled me getting hired at a camp and the visa sponsorship. They had advised me that I could not apply for a J1 visa while being processed for the DV visa. Perhaps, if you are going through an organisation for your J1, you could ask them? Or how long would you be staying in the US for?
  17. Vichel

    Vichel Registered Users (C)

    Low 200's means you're pretty much first off the bat. October interview very likely. November perhaps. Cut-offs for October interviews over the past few years:

    DV2013: 250
    DV2012: 300
    DV2011: 350
    DV2010: 375
    DV2009: 200
    DV2008: 300

    You could get your interview in October and then go to the US in November with a Green Card rather than wasting your time and money on a J1. Personally I wouldn't be able to stand the excitement of knowing I had a Green Card practically right in my hands but not do anything about it for months. :D

    But I definitely would not wait til mid or late 2014. There could be a high uptake and success rate of OC selectees early on and you would lose out if all the visas for the country are used up. Way too risky, imo.

    This is a fuzzy area. Probably no problem but who knows for sure? I've heard conflicting advice on this. If you have the visa already then it's supposed to be okay but if you've submitted forms for the DV then apply for another visa that's a temporary one ... I'm not so sure about that. It's all about answering questions truthfully, and "intent".
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  18. aos13

    aos13 Member

    Yup, with such a low case number I wouldn't risk anything, you have no reason to apply for a nonimmigrant visa. If you do, you'll have to truthfully tell them that you won DV (and possibly submitted DSP-122) in which case they will most probably deny it anyway.
  19. Lepeka

    Lepeka Registered Users (C)

    Another Aussie winner here, my number seems to be the highest around 29XX. I was panicked looking at the visa bulletins as there were no mentions of any numbers ever in the 2000's so I hope you are correct about "current" meaning that there is enough visas left for everyone who hasn't been processed (including us in the 2000's). Does anyone know any further information about this?
  20. hgavin

    hgavin Member

    I emailed the KCC with a similiar query about how soon I need to get paper work in and they responded with this:

    "Regardless of which route you choose to follow, your case must be completely processed prior to September 30 of the program year (i.e. DV 2013 cases must be processed prior to September 30, 2013). If your case number becomes current but does not finish processing prior to this date, your case will be closed and no further action can be taken on it.

    Interviews for the DV 2014 program will begin October 1, 2013, and process through September 30, 2014.

    All DV 2013 cases must be completely processed by September 30, 2014.

    Prompt response in returning the required forms to KCC will allow ample time for necessary processing."

    I sent my paper work off today. Too soon? I'm not sure. A little worried I didn't fill them out properly but oh well, they're off now.

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