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  2. A journalist is interested in finding a Canadian who has overstayed their legal visit to the United States and is willing to talk about their story and why this happened. Given the topic, he said he can quote them anonymously in the story if necessary. Please contact him by "Clicking Here"

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May 15, 2002
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Mar 18, 2017 at 2:17 PM
    1. Neeta123
      Kuchchbhee -
      I read your post (below). Can you advise what to get? what exact policy did you buy? What specific are you looking ot buy in the future? I am in the same boat, elderly GC parents, no work history, I am a U.S citizen and I sponsored their GC (affidavit of support).

      your post: "I have purchased insurance from INDNET for my 70+ parents. I decided to go with KV RAO/INDNET as i heard good feedback about them. However, for future i am seriously thinking about using one of companies thru INSUBUY as i can see comparable coverage for far less premium."

      Currently paying $500/mo for fixed coverage. At Insubuy, i can get fixed coverage for almost its half.
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