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Feb 8, 2013
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San Francisco Bay area, California
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Super Moderator, Male, from San Francisco Bay area, California

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    1. AFT
      Hi Simon
      Wife is main aplicant me and our 2 kifs arr beneficiaries. AP for 2 month.Today we got a call from embassy wife and 2 kids will get visas but not me.Reason is I was married in the US to american citizen 2001-2005. Filed for divorce in June 05 and got married to present wife after 1 month of filing divorce OUTSIDE US. Final divorce from court was issued 5 month after new marriage
    2. Obie
      Write something...Hey Simon. Please be honest with me and do a projection for me for 2016. I know u may say its early days but u can see the trend from last year and how the situation has changed. I am from Kenya in Africa and my number is 48xxx. Which chance do I have? Whats ua projection for 2016? Any reasons for ua projection. Please give me a rough estimated prediction...for me alone.#hehe. Thanks. Love ua work!
    3. gooner
      Dear Britsimon,

      Hope all is well.

      My DV 2015 visa is valid until end of decedember, do you think it would present a problem if i travel to US by mid November?

      Thanks a lot !!
    4. Hishamali
      Hallo,Mr simon,
      i have very complicated issue yesterday i had my appointment me and my wife and visa is approved for us my issue is my wife is pregnant,she may delivery before leave to US and embassy informed baby can not travel without visa and embassy can not provide visa after we get visa .plz help.
      1. Hishamali
        In Case we travel before born our baby can we apply for Medicaid and CHIP insurance program for pregnant women
        Aug 14, 2015
    5. Chalo
      Hallo,Mr simon,
      it,s me once again,?I also had problems in deciding what to say in the slot that asks if ive lived in a different address after age 16 other than the one provided-for this one,i chose NO n am worried coz i studied at another town,same country.Should i unlock the form to amend this or is it okey?..Could you also have a clue as in when is should be expecting my CN to go current?thanks in advance
    6. Chalo
      Hallo,Mr Simon,
      My CN is 2016AF00044,XXX, Well,.. filling my ds260.i was puzzled between determining what address to put as my mailing address.i used my current hometown address as the mailing address.is that okey or shld it be the same as the my host to be's address?
    7. AllyZZZ

      Im a US citizen, applied I-130 and its pending for my sister.
      She, her husband and two kids have B2 visa for the rest of the year.
      They want to come visit me in US from Ukraine (Crimea, I guess its Russia now).
      Is there chance that they would not be allowed to enter US? Or everything is fine?

      Thank you very much!
    8. benedapps
      Hi Simon, ive been selected for further processing dv2016. i would like to know if there is a way i can access the information i sent during the initial edv application. i seem to have put my hometown in the place of birth. i just wanna be sure cus these small things might be problmeatic.2. if i made that mistake but corrected in the ds 260 what are the implications for interview. thanks in advance
    9. peterbecx
      Dear Mr.Britsimon
      I'm from Egypt I've won the dv lottery first letter with CN 2015AF29XXX Is there a chance to have an interview ?
      August bulletin was Egypt 28,700
    10. jaytee404
      Hi Simon.
      Thank you so much for all the information your provide and all the support and clearance you give.
      I'm af00051xxx.
      Fingers crossed I'm current by September.
      Will know in August bulletin which will show in next month bulletin
      . If I'm current, do I send out my documents after July 10th or do I wait till august 10th?
      Thank you
    11. Pratheep Prabus
      Pratheep Prabus
      dear sir........... what happens to Asia region?
    12. vanchandavy
      Hi Simon, my case is 2016AS00010*** I submitted DS-260 Form & i realized i made mistake on 2 question :
      1. " Write your name in Native Language , i don write my native language , instead , i write in full english language .
      2. " Degree , Diploma or certificated received " i write "High School Degree ", in fact it should be "High School Diploma "right ?
      Should I unlock my form & correct ?, Thk you !
    13. lucky person
      lucky person
    14. lucky person
      lucky person
      3) The name of mailing address we filled was …COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCE but when they replied they write as COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIE ( science changed by scie). Does this make a problem?
      thank you
      1. Britsimon
        No issue
        May 31, 2015
    15. lucky person
      lucky person
      2. To fill DS- 260, we had confusion on the following…. before six months we ( my husband and me) lived and work in different city , the mailing address of him we filled was a city where I lived and work previously .So that the current and previous mailing address of him will be different. Does this make a problem?
      1. Britsimon
        May 31, 2015
    16. lucky person
      lucky person
      hi dear I have some questions which I'd like answers to:
      I am from Ethiopia; my husband won Dv 2016, with CN 25 xxx.
      1) When CN will be current? Still not submit DS-260, should we submit everything as soon as possible?
      1. Britsimon
        These questions should be in the forum - not on my profile.

        1. Roughly March. You can submit your DS260 in a month or two with no issues.
        May 31, 2015
    17. Hishamali
      Hii Simon,
      What the chance for 2015 AF399××. And when i can get interview notification.
      1. Britsimon
        Good chance for an August interview - and if not, then September.
        May 18, 2015
    18. sarah.a
      Hi Simon, I have a question about primary occupation in form ds-260. my dad is the 2016 lottery winner and he works in 5 clinics in present time. all are in the field of medical/health. but form does not accept more than one present job. what should I do?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. sarah.a
        you`re true. I asked him and he said he has contract with these five clinics,then may you guide me please that what should I mention as his present job? should I only select the "retired" icon and mention non of these clinics?
        May 15, 2015
      3. sarah.a
        And what about his previous careers? he has worked in 5 other clinics ,organization - like blood transfusion organization- and hospital in the past but as a contract. actually he has worked in his own office and one hospital a long time and now he is retired from that one and get payed. should I only mention that hospital as his previous job?what about his own office?
        May 15, 2015
      4. Britsimon
        He should enter self employed.
        May 15, 2015
    19. Adan613
      my case number is AF475** and it should have been current for july. Its my second time winning as last years draw i didn't become current would suck to not make it thru this yr. Any ideas when or if i would be current this yr?
      1. Britsimon
        Most likely SEptember.
        May 14, 2015
    20. bazsouthafrica
      Hi Simon. This is Barry here (I am the Canadian that won the DV lottery with the married status issue). Can I communicate with you over this forum?
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    IT consultant


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