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B-1 Visa for attending conference ?

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  • B-1 Visa for attending conference ?

    I am a MBBS doctor, also holding a M.Tech degree from IIT in genetics. Currently I am employed at a small organization as a general practitioner. I am pursuing my research interest as I want to study medical genetics. I am also preparing for USMLE. I have registered myself for a genetics conference at US but I will not be presenting a paper or poster.

    This conference is going to last for 5 days. I am thinking to apply for US Visa under B-1 category.

    I want to know what are the chances for me get a visa for conference as I am not actively participating. what are the required documents?

    If my visa get rejected, is this going to affect me when I will going for visa interview for step 2 CS exam? I am too confused about going for visa interview for conference. This will be my first visit to Delhi consulate. please help.........

    Thanks in advance

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    A B1 would be the correct visa to attend a conference. Check out their website. Often they have a link with an 'invitation letter' pointing out what the conference is about and how long it is going to last. You don't have to present at a conference in order to get a visa. Attending a conference is an entirely valid 'business reason' to come to the US.

    Just please, please, don't do one thing: Come for the conference and then stay for 6 months to interview for residency positions. The goverment doesn't take kindly to these kind of stories.
    I am not a lawyer. Whatever I write here is based on my experience, the experience of friends+family and my reading of USCIS memos, AAO decisions etc. It falls in the category of 'free advice', it is worth exactly as much as you paid for it. Before you make any decisions in immigration matters, please consult an expert in the field, and I hate to say it: That is probably an attorney.

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