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Should one declare daughter\'s pregnancy when applying for visitor\'s visa?

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  • Should one declare daughter\'s pregnancy when applying for visitor\'s visa?


    I am pregnant and very soon my parents will be applying for visitor\'s visa at Mumbai Consulate in India.
    Question is, should they say in OF-156 or in visa interview that their intention is to be there for daughter\'s pregnancy and delivery? Are there any pros and cons of mentioning it (or not mentioning it)? Does someone have any experience with it?

    Appreciate your inputs,


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    I think you should not declare it because if you do it they will deny your visa and ask you to apply after the delivery.


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      If I understood correctly you are in US and you would like to invite your parents at the time of delivery. If that is the case, they should mention it. My mom mentioned about it and got the visa.


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        you had an earlier post saying ur mom\'s visa was rejected???whats up dude...

        I would not recomend stating pregnancy as a purpose as by law in US, its defined as employment for nanny and remember this is not India where parents take care of ur kids.

        Act wise and u will get ur answer.

        good luck


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          She got her visa in Feb 2000. Stayed here for 6 months and went back. After that her visa was rejected in Nov 2000 and June 2001 twice.


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            in nov and june, did u mention about her help for your child?


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              No problem gcphilly.

              First time I gave the reason "for tourism and to meet us" second time "Baby is underweight (attached baby\'s growth chart to convince them) and needs extra care." Both didn\'t work.
              Third time I sent the sponsership/ invitation letter to mom, yet to apply, "she wants to celebrate Deepawali and Christmas with us.." Letís see what happens. Do you have any better ideas, as she will be applying in a couple of weeks? I am not sure what reason/ papers do they want.