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what does usually come first?ead (employment card)or interview letter?

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  • what does usually come first?ead (employment card)or interview letter?

    guys,i want to know what your experiences are. i already got my interview letter but no ead yet. I had my biometrics done on the 13th of july. im scheduled for interview before the end of august. when can i possibly get my ead and is this normal il first before ead?

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    It is not uncommon to get your IL before your EAD. That was the case with me and many other people.
    04-May-11 Application sent to Chicago, IL
    06-May-11 USCIS Received Application
    10-May-11 Email Messages NOA's Received
    10-May-11 Checks Cleared
    XX-May-11 NOA Received [forgot exact date]
    XX-May-11 Biometrics Notification [forgot exact date]--Jun 8
    08-Jun-11 Biometrics done
    22-Jun-11 IL--July 27th
    05-Jul-11 EAD Ordered
    15-Jul-11 EAD Received
    27-Jul-11 Interview Date--Approved
    01-Aug-11 Received welcome letter
    05-Aug-11 Received GC


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      It can be either ways, don't worry about it. I received my EAD before the IL but there are tons of cases where IL arrives before. Don't think about it much and prepare for the interview. Good luck!
      ASC/DO - Indianapolis, IN

      20-Jan-2011 Day 00 - Package mailed
      24-Jan-2011 Day 04 - Package received
      28-Jan-2011 Day 08 - Checks cashed
      31-Jan-2011 Day 11 - 4x NOA received
      04-Feb-2011 Day 15 - Biometric appt for 03/01/2011
      16-Feb-2011 Day 27 - Successful walk-in biometrics
      07-Mar-2011 Day 46 - IL in mail for 07-Apr-2011
      16-Mar-2011 Day 55 - EAD prod ordered
      23-Mar-2011 Day 62 - EAD card received
      07-Apr-2011 Day 77 - Interview done. Case approved
      15-Apr-2011 Day 85 - Received GC