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sworn affidavits by U.S. citizen friends, attesting to our relationship and marriage.

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  • sworn affidavits by U.S. citizen friends, attesting to our relationship and marriage.

    How to get it??

    Notary public, or bank to get the stamp or seal?


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    My hubby did this for one of our friends. you need to get friends and family to write a letter about your relationship, should include things like how long they have know you, how long you have been together, if they attended the wedding, any trips out together and their relationship to you (friend, family etc.) Get them to make as detailed as possible. They will also have to get it Notarised.
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      Where to get Notarized?


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        Originally posted by nycfeng View Post
        Where to get Notarized?
        try to look for a lawyer near your place then they can have that notarized. I'm not sure how much it'll cost you though but I'm sure its less than $50, correct me if I'm wrong.

        Hope this helps
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          Originally posted by nycfeng View Post
          How to get it??

          Notary public, or bank to get the stamp or seal?

          Notarizing the documents are done by a notary, and not by an attorney. Notary public are everywhere. These people have a license to attest documents after seeing a valid ID from the people. All they do is- attest the documents. What it means is that they ask people to sign those documents in front of them after seeing people's ID so that whoever will accept those documents would know that these people sign those documents. So, pretty much they attest the signature.

          Notary public are banks, hotel, neighborhood etc. If you are staying in any hotel, you will be able to get their service free of charge, but make sure to call them first to ask their rate. Every bank has notary public. If you have an account in a bank, then there will not be any charge; otherwise they could charge you $2 for each document. The fee shouldn't be more than $3 per single document (not per page) no matter what. The best and free way to get paper notarize is- go to the the bank where you have an account or church office. There won't be any fee. Just don't forget to take your valid ID and do not sign the document because you would need to sign them in front of a notary public.

          Good luck...