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TIP: Filling out the Part B of OCI Application.

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  • TIP: Filling out the Part B of OCI Application.

    Apologies in advance if this has been talked about earlier.

    For SFO applicants this form was to be filled by hand (or typed using a typewriter!!!).
    One of the things that annoyed me about this form was insufficient space given to fill out the information.

    I also realized that the pages that come out to be printed are generated and are in simple HTML.

    This is what I did…

    1. Fill out your information so that you can generate a “Duplicate” form at the following website

    Click “Print”

    2. Let the form appear in an IE window (let it render completely). It appears as a static HTML
    3. Now right click on the middle of this page and do “View Source” (most likely a note pad window with the HTML source of the form will appear)
    4. Open the “File” menu of this notepad window and save the source as HTML (“Save As” -> myapp.html)
    5. Now you have the HTML source of the form, so edit it using your preferred editor.

    Note: Please do this only if you understand what is going on here.
    This may require a little bit of HTML knowledge.
    Please print out multiple copies of the form for back up if you want to fill it in old fashioned way.
    OCI at SFO

    received: 01/29/2007
    ack'ed : 02/16/2007
    Scanned: 02/28/2007
    Granted: 02/28/2007
    Printed: 03/01/2007
    Dispatched: 03/02/2007
    Rec'd @ SFO 03/15/2007
    Passports sent 03/16/07
    Passports rec'd 03/23/07

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    Nice tip. I used the tip to fill out Part B and it prints out really nice.