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IR6 Category GC clarification

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  • IR6 Category GC clarification

    Apoligies for having posted in another forum before.

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    8th March 2006, 11:36 AM
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    Received the GC/I 551 yday (03/07/06)

    Ok..i am happy yet a little confused.

    Timeline: After filing for I485, I130 (marriage to USC) on 12/5/03, I was called for an interview on 2/14/06 (NYC) where the officer approved our case verbally and indicated that I'd receive card within 4 weeks and he wasnt kidding! I did receive the card on March 7th,2006 althought the approval date on the card says 02/14/06. A beautiful valentines day gift in retrospect

    Now my question - My GC was based on marraige 09/06/03 and my card was approved 02/14/06. The expiration on the card is sometime in 2016. Going through the documentation on the USCIS website A GC is conditional only if the case was approved when marraige was less than 2 years and card was granted before the 2 year mark. After which you would have to file I751 for removing conditional clause removed.

    From the looks of things, I didnt get a conditional GC but a regular GC. Am I correct? Is there a visual difference between a regular GC and a conditional GC?
    Also I didnt get anything stampted on my passport for what ever reason. Should I be concerned.


    After reading a couple more posts this is the conclusions I've come to -
    - I need not get my passport stamped as I already have my GC, but it may have been useful in time period when the case was approved (2/14/06) and the date I received my card(3/7/06)
    - The category on my GC is "IR6" which is a 10 year card that does not require a renewal at the 2 year mark. The "CR6" category GC requires the 2 year renewal.

    Please let me know if anybody has a take on this.
    Thanks Much

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    I was wondering if the forum moderators/experts could opine on the IR6 cateogry and help me clarify with certainity around the subject.

    Much Appreciated

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    Thanks ****

    The odd thing about the website is there is no IR6 classification. But I'm satisfied.


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      Originally posted by nitinp23
      The odd thing about the website is there is no IR6 classification. But I'm satisfied.
      this link ( seems to suggest that ir6 is for parents of us children. not sure how accurate it is, tho.


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        IR6 = class of admission for spouse of a USC through AOS (if GC is conditional, it would be CR-6)

        Look here for more.
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