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How can I get my naturalization date?

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  • How can I get my naturalization date?


    I have to fill in a form to apply for my Social Security (age 65) and I'm being asked for the date of my naturalization which I don't have because I can't find my certificate.

    I have a valid passport though.

    Where or how can I get the date?



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    Do you remember your oath date?
    D/O: Chicago, IL

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    01/02/2009 -- IL Received
    02/26/2009 -- Interview Date (Passed)
    03/05/2009 -- Oath Date
    03/05/2009 -- Applied for Passport
    04/06/2009 -- Received Passport & C.N.


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      Originally posted by Mr Vertigo View Post
      Do you remember your oath date?
      Sorry no.

      I got my green card around May 1978 and I didn't apply for citizenship until around 1988.

      It was a long time ago!

      I don't think I ever got my naturalization certificate back after getting my passport, is that par for the course now?

      Thanks for your reply,



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        You didn't make a copy before mailing in your original certificate?

        You should start by making an online INFOPASS appointment to talk to an officer and see if they can look it up for you.

        You may have to file a form N-565 to get a new certificate. If INS lost your original, USCIS might waive the fee, but given how long it has been that seems a bit unlikely. Naturalizations are a matter of public record, so an officer ought to be able to help you get the date without an application that takes a year to process.
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          Naturalization certificates are returned after applying for passport. This is how it works now, and always (before). If you lost your certificate you can get a new one with N-565. As aosing has pointed out you might try to do an Infopass or follow the public record trail. I am not familiar with that process.

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          01/09/2007 : FP Appt
          12/29/2006 : FP Done. Walk-In
          07/17/2007 : Interview (ND May 17)
          08/22/2007 : Oath (Received Jul 26, issued on the 23d, mailed on 24th)
          08/23/2007 : Applied N-600 and Expedited Passport
          09/06/2007 : Passport received
          08/20/2008 : Sent N-565 (Approved Feb 17, 2009)


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            Hi Michael - I am in the same boat, but I called the SS administration yesterday and they took my application over the phone; now I have to take my valid US passport to the SS office locally to show proof of citizenship. I'd like to get a copy of my certificate too but it costs $380 (ouch). You'll be okay with your SS as long as you have your passport. Call them at 1-877-593-3955. Hope this helped.....very scary eh?