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  1. ssdm
    ssdm abhuda
    Hi Abhuda,
    Trust you are doing well.
    My name is Sheetal. I am a BAMS from India
    currently working on the nursing prerequisites in US.I am finding it hard to figure out what the universities are really looking for in the candidates.
    Can you please share your Resume/CV, Personal Statement and Essay with me just to give me an idea.I will really appreciate that.
    Thank you,
    Email : sheetal.garvita@gmail.com
  2. ChandiK
    Any idea please on how to edit a post I made on the forum??
  3. Q45
    For success, attitude is equally as important as ability...
  4. ruthonoriode
    ruthonoriode ChuckE
    please chucks my name is RUTH if you don't mind bro can you share with me how you got the letter of no objection from the Nigeria Embassy. I want to apply for the waiver. Thanks
  5. Dumal
    Dumal monica1
    Hi, I'm having trouble posting a new thread. I am getting an error: spam like content please contact an administrator :( pls help. urgent
  6. Dumal
    Dumal Sm1smom
    Hi, I'm having trouble posting a new thread , I'm getting the error spam like content please contact an administrator :(. please help.
  7. Pattu002
    Pattu002 not_ya_wify
    Hi, please share your I-824 experience, Did your I-824 approve? and back to USA now,any difficulties in I-824 process because of I-485 was denied? Any interview questions at consulate related to I-485 denied? and also share us supporting docs submitted for I-824 application + NVC. Thanks
  8. sivenes
    sivenes DC_United
    Hello Sir, I know a person who has the same issue than you, could you please contact me to sivenes@gmail.com.
  9. Jamelia
    Here to share idea
  10. Nana Kofi
    Nana Kofi Nana sarfo
    What number can I reach you on please? I have requested WAEC to send results confirmation to the US Embassy but I want a way to verify if it has been sent or not.
  11. fabulinus
    fabulinus Sreenivas Redrouthu
    All roads lead to Rome or the US?
  12. fabulinus
    fabulinus immistatus
    Good to see you are doing fine in the end.
  13. fabulinus
    fabulinus rjm10764
    It seems that these days increasing numbers of people have the same problem as you once had.
  14. fabulinus
    fabulinus maxlawinc
    Thanks for the great info that I found in your resources.
  15. fabulinus
    fabulinus f1study
    That was a thorny journey but luckily enough it did not last too long.
  16. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    Thank you
  17. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    I was excited to have received a new notificacion from USCIS, I wrote without thinking. Then I realized you were right.
  18. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    The least I want is to have a problem. I am an inmigrant student and I have nothing in this country, but a whole family in my country waiting for my support. I know I made a mistake and I am ashamed and truly sorry, I know that it was an unsensitive comment. I tried to delete it as soon as possible, before sussy captured it.
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    2. Sm1smom
      Apology accepted.
      Sep 2, 2017
      geol8 likes this.
  19. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    I am sorry if I was offensive before, that is not my intention as you and this forum have helped me a lot. I apologize
  20. Annee0512
    Annee0512 waitingon
    hey I have a similar situation with my citizenship, would you mind telling me what happened with yours?