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  1. fabulinus
    fabulinus Sreenivas Redrouthu
    All roads lead to Rome or the US?
  2. fabulinus
    fabulinus immistatus
    Good to see you are doing fine in the end.
  3. fabulinus
    fabulinus rjm10764
    It seems that these days increasing numbers of people have the same problem as you once had.
  4. fabulinus
    fabulinus maxlawinc
    Thanks for the great info that I found in your resources.
  5. fabulinus
    fabulinus f1study
    That was a thorny journey but luckily enough it did not last too long.
  6. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    Thank you
  7. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    I was excited to have received a new notificacion from USCIS, I wrote without thinking. Then I realized you were right.
  8. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    The least I want is to have a problem. I am an inmigrant student and I have nothing in this country, but a whole family in my country waiting for my support. I know I made a mistake and I am ashamed and truly sorry, I know that it was an unsensitive comment. I tried to delete it as soon as possible, before sussy captured it.
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    2. Sm1smom
      Apology accepted.
      Sep 2, 2017
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  9. geol8
    geol8 Sm1smom
    I am sorry if I was offensive before, that is not my intention as you and this forum have helped me a lot. I apologize
  10. Annee0512
    Annee0512 waitingon
    hey I have a similar situation with my citizenship, would you mind telling me what happened with yours?
  11. Robinson Onyema
    Robinson Onyema Sm1smom
    I am new here.
    I want this forum to please enlighten me on this. If the middle name is abreviated (as in O.) in the academic document but it is written full in the passport and edv. Will that lead to disqualification?
    for example: Benjamin Rex O. (academic document)
    Benjamin Rex Omes( passport, birth cert and edv). thanks
  12. AnandBrahmbhatt
    AnandBrahmbhatt charantejm
    hello. can you share your realtor's information?
  13. Crazysoul
    Crazysoul lota2013
    Hi lota, I am keep on looking at all your suggestions and messgaes. Can i ask you one question. Were you done 2nd Fingerprinting before your approval or was it done once at the time of submission of Asylum Application. I really appreciate your response.
  14. ravick4u
  15. hellomyfriend
    hellomyfriend Sm1smom
    Hi Sm1smom,
    I am currently holding a F-1 in U.S. and I am selectee this year. I found your AOS Package spreadsheet file. The AOS FAQs mentions about AOS based EAD changes your current status to 'adjustment pending' status. If AOS petition gets denied, you cannot revert back to that previous status unless you previous status was a dual intent visa status. How about applying AOS while holding F-1?
    Thank you!
  16. SAM0130
    SAM0130 mk
    is your CN is from AS00012XXX - 12000 or 1200 ?
  17. jank001
    Hi Guys, I got laid of in march and my 2 months grace period is ending soon. what are my options?
  18. korzhyk
    Hello Guys, how realistic is it for the owner of hemp business to petition for my work visa? Thank you
  19. Gilliard18
    Gilliard18 Uptown
    Hi. Did you get the greencard?
  20. ambassador12
    ambassador12 Britsimon
    Hi, i have posted something to you. can you check your conversation window ?