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  1. hellomyfriend
    hellomyfriend Sm1smom
    Hi Sm1smom,
    I am currently holding a F-1 in U.S. and I am selectee this year. I found your AOS Package spreadsheet file. The AOS FAQs mentions about AOS based EAD changes your current status to 'adjustment pending' status. If AOS petition gets denied, you cannot revert back to that previous status unless you previous status was a dual intent visa status. How about applying AOS while holding F-1?
    Thank you!
  2. SAM0130
    SAM0130 mk
    is your CN is from AS00012XXX - 12000 or 1200 ?
  3. jank001
    Hi Guys, I got laid of in march and my 2 months grace period is ending soon. what are my options?
  4. korzhyk
    Hello Guys, how realistic is it for the owner of hemp business to petition for my work visa? Thank you
  5. Gilliard18
    Gilliard18 Uptown
    Hi. Did you get the greencard?
  6. ambassador12
    ambassador12 Britsimon
    Hi, i have posted something to you. can you check your conversation window ?
  7. Vekuh
    Vekuh Sm1smom
    Yes i went to school but i couldn't meet the requirements to start school. 2 days before i filed my case the college informed me that they would terminate my case. A week later USCICS sent me an acknowledgment receipt of my case. A month later too, the college asked me to pass by and they would refularize my situation. So i do not really knownif they terminated it or not.
  8. dilemma87
    Dreaming of bright lights and big cities
  9. Kurt14
    Kurt14 Britsimon
    Hi Simon, From what I can see I'm doing nothing wrong... Been entering this info for years but this is the first time I've had this problem. with the error message. Do you mind if I send you my info to check?
  10. Mushy_hot
    Being positive. ✔
  11. Mushy_hot
    Waiting for my day
  12. @Chongwayne95
    @Chongwayne95 Britsimon
    Hello i got Some worries concerning the DV lottery program! My question goes thus, Some years back an agent mistakenly filed in double entries for me into the DV program of that year. So i was wandering if that might lead my subsequent disqualification from future DV lottery programs. Your thoughts will be of massive help. Thanks!
  13. DVBoy88
    DVBoy88 Britsimon
    Hi. Brit Simon i'm new to this forum .. In my application I have said that I have a high school diploma. I studied in UK and my qualification is equivalent to a high school diploma but i'm not too sure whether it will be taken as a high school diploma by the kcc officer if I were to be selected.:confused:. I am finishing my bachelors degree next month 24th..will I be accepted?
  14. Zadeh
    Zadeh ArminJason
    Hi ArminJason,
    I am Iranian, I need your help to know How to fill I-485 form (Part 3C and q18-military questions).
    Would you please help me and share your knowledge.
    Thanks in advance
  15. msrini37
    msrini37 goodguy1200
    hi Good guy, I was arrested for DV causing injury. what will be the outcome of the case and will it be cimt? I'm in Texas.
  16. msrini37
    msrini37 BigJoe5
    hi Big Joe5, I have been arrested for DV on my GF, I have my court hearing in April. I'm in texas . What will be the outcome of this case and is it CIMT?
  17. msrini37
    msrini37 IneedAdvise
    hi , I have been falsely accused .please help.
  18. rami9999
    rami9999 pvelamur
    Hello pvelamur, I have seen your post regarding the mistake that your have wife have done... what did she do in the interview? did she make it?
  19. ismir23
    ismir23 kjn73
    Hi kjn73's, I was just wondering if you were able to fix your situation and go back to your country
  20. Salvo.2015