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  2. A journalist is interested in finding a Canadian who has overstayed their legal visit to the United States and is willing to talk about their story and why this happened. Given the topic, he said he can quote them anonymously in the story if necessary. Please contact him by "Clicking Here"

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  1. ismir23
    ismir23 kjn73
    Hi kjn73's, I was just wondering if you were able to fix your situation and go back to your country
  2. Salvo.2015
  3. Jalaine
    Getting a little tense about what it means for TN workers with Trump's plans for NAFTA. Specialized Nurses are already affected. :(
  4. Tiiah
    Tiiah Shekina
    Hey Shekina I reckon ur frm fiji. So av u done your interview yet? If yes, what are all requirements? And roughly hpw much did u spend to get all required documents ready on interview date and tht includes the $330US fee.?
  5. MahsaNia
    MahsaNia Sm1smom
    My CN is current in May and I am about to send my AOS package, but our FO said it will take more than 6 months for giving us an interview appointment because our case is like other AOS cases. Is that right? Is there anything we can do to expedite the process?
  6. caneng
    caneng CalGreenCard
    Hello CalGreenCard,
    Thank you for posting on this forum. Your posts helped me gain enough confidence to apply for dream job in US. I received my TN visa last week.
    Thanks a lot!
  7. caneng
    caneng Hello Mister
    Greetings "Hello Mister",
    I am very grateful to you for your frequent posts on this forum. I am a Canadian citizen and I recently landed my dream job in US. I received my TN visa last week. Your posts gave me the confidence and information that I needed to successfully apply for the TN visa. Given the current political narrative, your posts were especially appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.
    1. Hello Mister
      Hello Mister
      Nice...I'm very happy you got your TN. All the best!
      Feb 22, 2017
      caneng likes this.
  8. caneng
    caneng nelsona
    Hello Nelsona, I just wanted to thank you for frequent and extremely useful posts on this forum. I received my TN visa last week. Your postings helped me prepare for the TN application process and gather enough confidence to apply for my dream job in US. Given the current political narrative and without your help, it is very unlikely that I would have applied for a TN visa. Thanks once again.
  9. khan687
    khan687 nelsona
    HI Nelsona -I have lost my job on TN Visa 20 days ago, but I did not exit as my I 94 status on CPB site is B2 , admitted till 3/4. (officer enter by mistake during my last trip to CA)
    Am I in good status? Or was I supposed to exit ?
  10. Stefan Apetrie
    Stefan Apetrie Britsimon
    Hi Britsimon, how much time do i have to gather all my documents after i am announced a winner at the dv visa? Should i get my documents ready way ahead i even find out if i won?
  11. GreenHeart
    GreenHeart klein
    Hi klein, I'm preparing my documents to send to ACS and I wonder if you could send me an Employee Reference Letter sample for ACS. Actually I'm a self employed, but any successful sample would be really helpful and I want to make sure everything's ok. Tnx in advance for your help.. my Email => md.naghavi@gmail.com
  12. fesb
    fesb newacct
    Hello Newacct. Greetings from Venezuela. Thanks for answering my post. "derived Citizenship" I have another question about that. Do you mind to take a loook a it? Thanks and best regards...
  13. wailer
    wailer Thowa
    Hi how are you doing?
  14. Giseli
    Giseli Sm1smom
    Hi Sm,
    Could you help me with my children 485 denied. I don't know what to do. Do I should send another file 485 or motion to reopen?
  15. Giseli
    Giseli Britsimon
    hi Britsimon, could you help me giving me a orientation. I had my children 485 denied. Please! Do I prepare a motion or do another 485 file?
  16. chuysta
    chuysta nelsona
    hello Nelsona, first of all i want to thank you, this info is pure gold to me, The main reason why I talk to you is because im an TN user, for two years now and i want to get GC, now a days i just wanted to asked you if you recommend take the TN-GC path as curiousgeorge, or take TN-H-1B-GC, once again thanks a lot.
  17. nima.zareei
    nima.zareei SarahBj
    shoma moafaght shodin panahandegi begirid?
  18. nima.zareei
    nima.zareei snama
    shoma moafaght shodin panahandegi begirid?
  19. nima.zareei
    nima.zareei Asal
    shoma moafaght shodin panahandegi begirid?
  20. nima.zareei
    nima.zareei zeinab466
    shoma moafaght shodin panahandegi begirid?